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Pest Control in Meriden

Nobody likes dealing with bugs and other pests that go bump in the night. You simply want them off your property as quick and as affordable as possible. We get it and we specialize in pest control.

Edgar's Pest Control is a full service pest elimination company. We guarantee all our services by giving our customer's a desired result policy, to eliminate those unwanted pest! We offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, snow, rain or shine. Just call and a tech will answer and respond to your service immediately.


Serving Meriden, Central Connecticut and New Haven County

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Call for pest control treatment and say goodbye to ants, roaches, spiders & fleas and other biting insects!

Bed Bug

Get 100% effective bedbug treatments using the safest methods to keep the house, pets and children SAFE.


Our rodent technicians are ranked the highest in Meriden for fast, thorough treatments. Best of all we clean up the mice droppings and other mess

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See why our clients rate us the highest for all their MERIDEN pest control needs.


"Edgar... scheduled to come the very next morning...showed up on time and was extremely professional."


"Excellent service he came the same day very kind and very conscientious and polite. Highly recommend."


"Edgar is very knowledgeable... he provided a plan that I was confident and comfortable with."

Pest Control in Meriden

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On Your First Pest Control Service Appointment

Offer good for all inspections & treatments. First time customers only.


The Authority In Household Pest Control

Pests inside your home or business is often a sign of an even greater problem. Our job is not complete until we find the root of your infestations and stop them once and for all. We also have numerous treatment options available to meet all your everyday needs and concerns.

If we do not solve your pest issues on our first visit, our team will gladly return at our expense to make things right. That’s our worry-free guarantee.

Say Goodbye To Pesky Insects

Rodents and Insects are prolific breeders that can literally eat you out of house and home. A thorough annual inspection is critical to protect your property. There are also several steps to be taken when pests are found to ensure that they never return.

At Edgar's Pest Control, we perform more inspections than anyone in Meriden with an amazing track record of success. Let us solve your pest problems today.

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We Exterminate Bed Bugs Fast

While bed bugs were eradicated from North America back in the 1970’s, they have returned with a vengeance. If you’ve seen one, there are likely thousands more hiding nearby. The time for you to take action is now.

A thorough inspection and treatment of your entire property is the only way to completely eliminate bed bugs. Call us today so you can sleep easy tonight.

The Reality Keeping Outdoor Pest Control

All pests are naturally drawn to sources of food and water. If they can gain access to your home, then it can become a very big problem over time. That’s why a 60+ point inspection of your property is necessary at least
​once a year.

At business, we will search from crawlspaces to attics to ensure your home remains pest free. We go the extra mile for you because it’s what we do in our own homes.

Stop Letting Stubborn Pests Have Their Way

Our team can solve all your pest control challenges within the next 24 hours. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment.


Who We Are

Meriden’s Most Trusted Pest Control Professionals

While it may sound strange, exterminators are also animal lovers. Think of us as pest psychologists- we study their needs and behavior to quickly, affordably solve your pest problems. We want what’s best for your family and Mother Nature alike. Our team will always strive to find that happy balance before using potentially dangerous chemicals on your property. With years of world-class professionalism and service, we consider it a privilege to solve all your pest control needs.

Call us today at 203-252-6295 to learn how we can help.

Why Choose Our Services?

  • Household Pests: Say goodbye to ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, and other biting insects!
  • Bed Bug Treatments: Get 100% effective bedbug treatments keeping your house, pets, and children SAFE.
  • Rodent Removal: Our technicians are top-ranked in Meriden for fast, thorough treatments, including clean-up of droppings and mess.
  • Basement Clean-out: New - Sanitize and deodorize with our clean-out services, making your space feel fresh and clean.
When you get a quote from Edgar, it happens the way we say. Our new Basement Clean-out services are designed to complement our pest control solutions, offering a holistic approach to maintaining a clean and healthy home environment. Perfect for tackling issues that accompany pest infestations or simply refreshing your living space, our services ensure your home is not only pest-free but also clean and fresh-smelling.

Hear What Clients Like You Are Saying About Us:


"I highly recommend this company, the owner is knowledgeable and takes time to explain the process and is pleasant."

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pest control treatment safe around
my family?

Our Pest Control treatments are safe for humans and pets alike. We use many organic, environmentally-safe treatments.

How quickly will I see results from treatment?

For common pest types, you should begin seeing positive results within 24-48 hours after treatment. It may take up to two weeks for mice or insects to be eradicated completely.

How do I know when to call an exterminator?

If you notice a small ant or pest problem, there’s no reason to panic. Common household treatments may work. Call us immediately if the infestation grows larger since there’s probably a larger issue that you can’t see.

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